Add value to your business through our consultations!

We are a team of experts with extensive knowledge of finance and accounting in various business areas. We work with clients from the food industry and fast-moving goods, to construction and holding companies, financial institutions and their regulation. Based on our years of experience, we have the expertise to consult and participate successfully in solving a number of cases.



Each business model is unique in its nature. We can add a new vision to it through an innovative look and experience built over the years.


How to plan your tax expenditures, how much and by what technique to optimize them? Each client is specific and we will build the most efficient business tax model.


Does the staff meet your expectations? What kind of staffing structure and what profile are the participants in your team.


Investments, financing, capital and debt. When to grow up and when to open our business to new partners, how to get the maximum out of our available capital.  



Municipal bond issue

Consultation on structuring and administration of municipal bond issue – Kavarna Municipality – EUR 3 million.

Client – Municipality of Kavarna / realized 2010 – 2019.

Forex business model

Forex Business Model Management & Risk Management Consulting through MetaTrader 4

Client – IP Bulbrokers AD / 2011

Claims Depositary

Depository within the meaning of the Pledge on Pledges Act between Actavis SA and Hygia AD.

Client – Actavis SA / 2011

Yankovo – project

The sale of a greenhouse in the village of Yankovo and the subsequent realization of a photovoltaic park will take 2.5 hours. Investor is Solar Pro.

Clients: Dealing BG and Capital Advisor / 2009

Operational audit

Consultation on the Church Board of the Armenian Apostolic Church and operational audit report to the church council.

Client: Church Board at the AAC

Team Structuring

Consultation and structuring of business model and team after unsuccessful management of Buy-out of Euro-Finance AD. Following is the continuation and assumption of management of the company for a period of 4 years.

Client: Eurohold AD / 2011 – 2015

Acquisition transaction for a financial institution

Consulting on sale of investment intermediary Finex OOD with long-term assumption of financial accounting activities.

Client: Grand Energy Distribution Ltd. – 2019

Financial statement

Committed to prepare a pro forma financial information, with the content set out in Annex II to Regulation EC 809/2004, together with an accompanying report in accordance with Annex II, Art. 7 of Regulation EC 809/2004, pursuant to Art. 20.2 Of the Regulation and in accordance with the requirement of item 20.2 of Annex I to EC Regulation 809/2004.

Client: Capital Concept Limited AD / 2