Ivo Seizov resigns from Intercapital Markets – Board of Directors

13 Jul    corporate news

Dear customers, partners and friends,

Driven by values such as friendship, empathy and ideology for life and financial markets, deferent than the business rules, I handed over a friendly hand and became part of the board of directors of investment firm Intercapital Markets. With a fulfilled life commitment, I am pleased to announce that ICM has completed the formation of a 5-member “Board of Directors” approved by the FSC, which also reached the final stage of my presence in the only structure out my management and joint business.

After my exit from the management of Euro-Finance AD and EF Asset Management AD in 2015 I am dedicated only on Capital Advisor:

  • advisor.bg – accounting, outsourcing and financial solutions
  • motivation.bg – human resources, headhunting and personal development
  • thepoint.bg -tennis club, sports management and physical conditioning

With wishes for prosperity,

Ivo Seizov