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22 Feb    Financial markets

The Investment-brokerage company Finex, part of, launched Portfolio management and investments on behalf of its customers . The management is focused on the international financial markets and is designed in two deferent types of managed accounts –  ETF’s and Single stocks based portfolios. The team believes that provided service will  approach all customers expectations.  

Global Multi-Asset Portfolio


Investment strategy

The Global Multi-Asset Portfolio widely diversified, tactically oriented investment strategy, which by macro analysis on the global investment alternatives selects the optimal allocation on strategic asset classes. The process for the construction of the portfolio is based on the so-called  ,, Top-Down” approachin which the assets with the highest potential for capital gain are selected and included in the portfolio.

Portfolio structure

The Portfolio is usually composed from not more than 10 ETFs (‘Exchange-Traded Fund’ ) among the strategic asset classes – shares , bonds, commodities, non-ferrous metals, real estates and currencies at an investment mandate – achieving temperate growth, simultaneously incorporating protection from aggressing losing of value.

Developed markets portfolio

An example of a portfolio

Customer's service

Portfolio management dept.

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Investment strategy

Иnvestment portfolio will be invested in shares of companies with large and medium market capitalization and growth potential over the average level for their industries. By definition these are the companies with leading positions of the corresponding marketing segment and also they have potential in generating growth of the corporation profits above average levels. The strategy is focused on businesses with a high erudite management  , perfect reputation , characterized with strong fundamentals and demonstrating stable financial results.

The investment approach shows our vision that the shares of companies with a solid fundamental position that own sustainable competitive advantages and operate in industries with positive perspectives  for development  will provide the investors perfect long  lasting return. Some of the companies in which the strategy will allocate resource are characterized also with a high dividend yield which is considered as a secondary goal of the investment mandate.

Deviations of the first defined investment mandate is possible in circumstances that the Portfolio manager considers the market risks for unjustifiably high. In these cases the strategy allocation in weight by classes assets might be balanced in favor of lower risk assets.

An assets sale of the portfolio is performed in some reasons among: control of the risk, change in the fundamental environment for the markets in basic or for a certain asset.  Own resources also and the market  analyses and investment ideas of the leading industries for the developed markets are used for making the analysis of the potential financial assets for acquisition.

Financial conditions

·         Investment mandate: capital gain and control of the risk in percentage by 20% of a capital loss.

·         Investment horizon: medium to long term (from 3 to 5 years)

·         Minimum investment  : 10 000 EUR or equal  in BGN

·         Remuneration: 1.5% year tax for management  – taken on every 3 months + 10% of the net income – year basis.

·         The coasts for the transactions are calculated by the Finex ’s tariff.


Management approach

·         Strictly disciplined approach by managing the risk and the assets included in the portfolio

·         Global diversification by sides, sections, styles and classes of assets.

·         The strategy aims to capitalize the investment opportunities of the global stock and commodity markets.

·         The strategy aims to capitalize the return of high markets and to restrict aggressively  the risk of the cyclic low markets.

·         Quick liquidity for the invested financial funds.


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