Human Advisory is a division that specializes in human resources management. The company has a license to perform brokering 2099/2016 providing services in the Republic of Bulgaria and other countries.

We work only in areas where we have depth knowledge, expertise and contacts with employers at all levels of the business hierarchy of banks, insurers, investment firms, management companies, forex brokers and investment companies.

If you have qualifications, experience and looking for a change in your career in one of the areas where we are active, we’ll consulting, direct and mediate in the way of realization


Your CV and cover letter will be reviewed and will be contacted by us.

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If you have opened vacant management positions, specialists or internship programs, ask to Human Advisor to arrange confidential talks, campaigns and interviews according your criteria and specifics so that your business to take on board the most suitable candidate.


In case you need to organize a campaign recruitment, hunting a manager or advice on the payroll plan of your company, our team will take care of right decisions

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