Financial service

What is our view of customer’s needs

Every business has its own specifics, but every business needs quality maintenance of its financial consulting and accounting records. Our role is to manage, the companies we serve to have the most accurate accounting records reflecting most faithfully the actual condition of the company, so their managers and owners have a true, accurate and timely information and assessment of their financial situation.


Investment broker

Finex is our (FSC) licensed brokerage division which offers a wide range of investment services that are suitable for individual and corporate clients. The individual approach to the financial attitudes of customers is the basic principle in our service

Accounting firm

We take the overall process of primary accounting records, invoices, payments, insurance, business trips and hospital to preparing reports and VAT claims, financial statements, operational reports and regular audit of the company.


Our knowledge in personnel management and “headhunting” processes in Bulgaria in the field of capital markets, accounting personnel and financial specialists and heads of financial departments make us desirable for a partner for employers and job applicants.