Monthly bundle

Overall financial – accounting services allows our experts to secure your business with an excellent state of accounting records in compliance with all statutory regulations. The service allows customers to use their resources in business development without having to commit staff, office space and equipment for maintenance of the accounting department. In addition, a team of professionals reduce risk in leaving accountant and related disruption in the operation.

Leased Accountant

We offer accounting services at client’s office of employee Advisor, who organize, control and be responsible for accounting processes and bookkeeping in place, using the resources of the entire firm. This service is designed in case of leaving the in-house accountant, the appointment of a new team, as well as specific situations restricting the export of documents out of your office. Thus, for a certain period of time, we will prepare a report on the current state of accounting records and financial condition of the company, we will guarantee continuity between the outgoing and newly appointed accountant officer without compromising operational processes.

Company registration

We take a role in the establishment of „start up“ companies, ensuring our customers everything needed to start a business. We prepare a complete set of documents and registering the company in the Commercial Register .We provide the address correspondence and meetings room at the request of customers. Assist in opening bank accounts, lending by banks and other financial transactions. Manage cash flow, so the company to meet its obligations adequately

Payroll service

The overall payroll service includes preparation of contracts and job descriptions adjacent establishment plan and structure, preparation and drafting of salaries, insurance and taxes. Our clients receive group file for payments in salaries, and subsequently required applications and declarations.

Individual approach to each client

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What does it mean Leased accountant

Leave your accountant and cannot find new?
We will send our staff at your location to assume ongoing obligations and provide you with enough time to find a new accountant.
In addition, we can organize a campaign for recruitment to prepare a list of pre-approved candidates and offer input into the specifics of your business, the employee choose.

How to establish Bulgarian company


If you are still at the beginning, then we will take care of all aspects and processes for the establishment of the company, preparation of relevant documentation and opening bank accounts. If the business requires special permits and licenses, our experts will assist in preparing the relevant documentation.

The basic steps are:

Choosing and keeping the company name

Prepare a package of documents for registration in the Commercial Register

Submission of application

Consultation on the type of company and the founding act